• China's Large TCCA Production Base Purchased 8 Tablet Presses from us

    The leading products of Hebei Xingfei chemical industry include: 30000 tons / year of sodium dichloroisocyanurate (including sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate) and 10000 tons / year of trichloroisocyanurate.

    2022-03-13 TCCA Tablet press 85681467

  • ZPS100-15 Tablet Press Enters the European Market Again

    Our tablet press has received high praise from customer. This tablet press is the customer's repurchase. ZPS100-15 tablet press is an anti-corrosive double-layer tablet press.

    2021-12-18 ZPS 2147483647

  • Two ZPS100-15 Anti-corrosion Double-layer Tablet Presses were Delivered

    Anticorrosive double-layertablet press is a large-scale tablet press specially developed by our company for European users to produce double-layer tablets, which can produce double-layer tablets with

    2021-12-01 Tablet press 156794

  • Our company has launched the high-performance ZPS27A Double-layer Tablet Press

    ZPS27A Double-layer Tablet Press has stable performance, high output and can produce 100,000 tablets per hour. The colour ratio of tablets pressed by ZPS27A Double-layer Tablet Press can be adjusted to 1:1,2:1,3:1,4:1 according to different production requirements. It is widely used in the manufacturing of double-layer candy, double-layer lozenge tablets, double-layer dried milk tablets and so on.

    2012-02-24 Tablet Press 43338

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