200g & 250g TCCA Powder Forming Machine Delivered Today(SDIC tablet press)

2019-04-26 16:54:29 TCCA tablet press 5544356

The ZPS100-10C tablet press (also named as 200g & 250g TCCA powder forming machine) which is ordered by a world-renowned TCCA manufacturer is delivered today. In order to meet increased production demands, the world-renowned TCCA manufacturer purchases our ZPS100-10C tablet press for the second time to produce 200g and 250g TCCA tablets. The production capacity of ZPS100-10C tablet press is 6000 pieces per hour. The machine has 200KN pre-pressure property. The forming rate of tablets is much higher.

What’s more, our company has researched and developed 300g & 350g chemical powder forming machine. We welcome customers to visit our factory. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

TCCA/SDIC Tablet Press