Two ZPS100-15 Anti-corrosion Double-layer Tablet Presses were Delivered

2021-12-01 09:36:04 Tablet press 156792

TCCA/SDIC Tablet Press

Anticorrosive double-layertablet press is a large-scale tablet press specially developed by our company for European users to produce double-layer tablets, which can produce double-layer tablets with a diameter between 40-90mm. 

Usually it is used to produce double-layer 200gr, 250gr TCCA tablets. 

The machine has high pressure and high output, which can produce tablet of 7200PCS/H. The machine adopts the latest technology to increase corrosion resistance. It is equipped with PLC control, automatic lubrication system, safety control system. It is a large-scale anticorrosive tablet press with stable performance and advanced technology.

TCCA/SDIC Tablet Press   TCCA/SDIC Tablet Press