Six Units TCCA Anti-corrosion Tablet Press are Shipping to the United States

2022-06-01 10:23:26 Bestasia2023 1436156510

Congrats to one of our US customers for building a new factory. 

This customer purchased 6 TCCA anti-corrosion tablet presses from us for the second time, including 4 sets of 200g TCCA anti-corrosion tablet presses and 2 sets of 20g TCCA anti-corrosion tablet presses.

These six machines will expand the production capacity of the new factory and provide a solid guarantee for the customer's business. With these six machines, the new factory will have a production capacity of 50 tons of TCCA tablets per day. (According to ten hours of work per day).

TCCA/SDIC Tablet Press

TCCA tablet press is mainly used for pressing large diameter of TCCA disinfection tablets, such as sodium dichloro isocyanurate, trichloroisocyanic acid chemical tablets. TCCA tablet press can also be used to press the other particles and powder materials in chemical, electronics, medical, foodstuff industries. ( It can press 200g,250g TCCA tablets)

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