ZPS73B Tablet Press

ZPS73B is a kind of high-speed rotary tablet press, with an high production capacity of 328500 pieces of tablets per hour.Its maximum diameter is 16 mm. It is very suitable for manufacturers of mass productions. It has double-pressure and double-outlet structure, high stability and high qualified rate of finished products.

  • Model: ZPS73B
  • Max Pressure: 100KN
  • Max Pre-Pressure: 8KN
  • Max Output: 328500 pcs/h
  • Motor Power: 11KW
  • Machine Weight: 4000kg

ZPS73B Tablet Press

ZPS73B tablet press is a kind of three pressure automatic rotation, continuous piece of the machine, the granular material is pressed into round, lettering and heteromorphic, three color tablets. ZPS73B is mainly used for the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, and ZPS73B tablet press is also suitable for industrial enterprises such as chemical, food, electronics and other industries.

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1.The outer cover is a stainless steel closed form, and the internal table is made of stainless steel. It can keep the gloss of the surface and prevent the cross contamination. tablet press meets the requirements of GMP.

2.ZPS73B tablet press with organic glass perspective window, visual compression state, the side panel can all open, easy to clean and maintain internal.

3. AlI controllers and operating parts are reasonably arranged.

4. ZPS73B the use of variable frequency speed control device for electric speed control, convenient operation, smooth rotation, safety and accuracy.

5. Equipped with overload protection device, when the pressure is overloaded, ZPS73B tablet press can stop automaticaly.

6. the transmission system seal is under the main engine below the fuel tank, is the safety separate independent component, also does not have the mutual pollution, causes the transmission part to infltrate in the oil pool, is easy to dissipate heat and wear-resisting. 

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