GS1200-16B Tablet Press(Double-Layer Tablet)

GS1200-16B Double-layer Anti-corrosive Tablet Press specializes in pressing double-layer TCCA/SDIC tablets.This machine can produce 11520 pieces of double-layer chemical tablets per hour .It has stable operation and high production capacity.The max diameter of tablets can reach 90mm.The weight of tablets can be 200g,350g.

  • Model: GS1200-16B
  • Max Pressure: 1000KN
  • Max Pre-Pressure: 200KN
  • Max Output: 11520 pcs/h
  • Motor Power: 35KW
  • Machine Weight: 14.5T

GS1200-16B Double-layer Anti-corrosive Tablet Press

(200g double-layer TCCA tablet press with an output of 11520pcs per hour/2.3T per hour)

TCCA/SDIC Tablet Press

GS1200-16B double-layer anti-corrosive tablet press production line has double-pressure structure and double outlet.It has high pressing speed, high yield, simple operation method, convenient maintenance and high production capacity,mainly used in the manufacturing of double-layer tablets.GS1200-16B double-layer tablet press uses anti-corrosive paint, 316L stainless steel and titanium alloy materials,mainly applied in producing double-layer disinfection tablets, such as chlorine, bromine, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, cyanuric acid, calcium chloride, chlorine dioxide and other corrosive chemical tablets.

Technical parameter:

Max working pressure:1000KN

Max prepressing pressure:200KN

Max diameter of tablets:φ90mm

Max thickness of tablets:30mm

Max depth of filling:62mm

Dies:16 sets

Max production capacity:11520 pcs/h(2.3 T/h)

Rotation speed:0~12 r/min

Outer diameter of middle mould:φ110mm

Height of middle mould:80mm

Diameter of upper&down punch:φ115 mm

Motor power:35kw

Power supply:can be customized

Machine weight:14.5 tons

Overall size:2200*2200*2820mm 

The diameter,thickness and shape of the tablets can be customized.

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