(Annular) Anti-corrosive Tablet Press

GS1200-7615C Annular Tablet Press is specially used in producing annular anti-corrosive tablets.Tablet Press can press 18000 pieces of 200g TCCA/SDIC tablets per hour with high performance.

GS1200-7615C Annular Anti-corrosive Tablet Press

GS1200-7615C Annular Anti-corrosive Tablet Press production line has double-pressure structure and double outlet.It has high pressing speed, high yield, simple operation method, convenient maintenance and high production capacity,mainly used in the manufacturing of annular tablets.7615C Annular Tablet Press uses anti-corrosive paint,  titanium alloy materials,mainly applied in producing annular disinfection tablets, such as chlorine, bromine, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, cyanuric acid, calcium chloride, chlorine dioxide and other corrosive chemical tablets.

TCCA/SDIC GS1200-7615C Annular Anti-corrosive Tablet Press

Technical parameter:

Max working pressure:1000KN

Max prepressing pressure:200KN

Max diameter of tablets:φ80mm

Max thickness of tablets:32mm

Max depth of filling:66mm

Dies:15 sets

Max production capacity:18000pcs/h (3.6 T/h 200gr TCCA Tablet)

Rotation speed:0~10 r/min

Outer diameter of middle mould:φ90mm

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